I am a recipe creator, not a recipe follower, so I rarely follow other people’s recipes.

Having said that, I do have a handful of favourite recipes that I find myself making time and time again because I crave them and they are just so delicious!

There are a lot of recipes here on the internet – just one quick Google search will pull up pages and pages and pages of recipes from different recipe creators, so I thought it was important that I share my three favourite recipes from around the web with you today to save you some time!

1. Sloppy Joes from Christina Rice

I first tried this recipe when Christina came to visit me in October. Since then, I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count because it’s so yummy and the leftovers are even better! I like to serve this over greens (non-negotiable as they wilt and pair with the hot sloppy joe mixture so well) and a sweet potato or spaghetti squash.

The last time I made this recipe, I added just a touch of chipotle chilli powder for a little bit of warmth and smokiness. It was perfect!

2. Kalua Pork from Nom Nom Paleo

I have been making this recipe multiple times a month for a few years now. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must! Ever fall/winter, I buy a 1/2 pig and this is basically the only way I prepare all of the roasts. The recipe calls for a Boston butt roast, which is ideal because it’s the most fatty cut, but any type of roast will do. I also use way more garlic, but who ever actually uses the exact amount of garlic a recipe calls for!?

Most of the time, I don’t have bacon on hand, so I don’t always use the bacon for this recipe, but it still tastes delicious – just not as smokey!

3. Flaxseed Bread from Elana’s Pantry

I have honestly made this recipe more times than I can count. Elana calls this her “Nut Free Keto Bread” and although I don’t need to eat nut free or keto, this is by far my favourite homemade bread ever! It’s so easy and is the perfect base for mashed avocado (that’s my favourite way to enjoy it!), but it’s also great with a slab of butter, cottage cheese, or any type of sandwich!

I cook mine in a cake pan, versus a loaf pan, and then cut it into 6 squares and then slice those squares in half so you are left with 12 sandwich bread looking slices.

Like I said, there are a lot of recipes on the internet, but these are the three I go back to over and over!

What are your favourite recipes to follow? Link them up!