The Nourished & Free Collective

The Nourished & Free Collective is a global community of women who gather to learn and become empowered with the tools they need to reconnect with the wisdom of nature and the brilliance of their bodies in order to self-heal and experience nourishment and freedom within their own lives.

Be the leader of your own life.

Imagine waking up and being able to consciously create how you want to feel. With pure essential oils and natural healthcare products at your fingertips, you will become the leader of your own life – taking control of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health in a way you’ve never done before. This is how your self love journey begins and flourishes.


The Nourished & Free Collective Membership

When you become a member of The Nourished & Free Collective, you will have:

  • Instant access to The Nourished & Free Collective member-exclusive trainings, resources, and daily support system, which includes:
    • Private Facebook community
    • Membership site
  • An invite to schedule a complimentary 30-minute wellness consult with me to learn about your essential oils and create a wellness plan customized to your health goals and concerns
  • A special welcome package from me delivered via snail mail with some extra goodies to support you in your natural health & healing journey
  • Your very own doTERRA account
  • 25% off retail price of all doTERRA essential oils and products
  • The option to place customized wellness packages whenever you’d like that will be delivered straight to your door with free shipping + points earned for free product
  • Ongoing access and support from me and the other Nourished & Free Leaders



Meg Doll

I founded The Nourished & Free Collective in 2016, shortly after I decided it was time to start taking my health more seriously. I was dealing with hormonal imbalances and knew it was time to begin doing what I could to reduce the amount of toxins I brought into my home.

We can’t control everything in our lives, but we can control some aspects and it was important to me that I reduced the amount of harmful products I used within my home and on my body in an effort to balance my hormones and improve my overall health.

Within just a few days, I began to notice the positive impact these essential oils were making on my mental and emotional health. I felt more grounded, my anxiety didn’t overcome me, I could focus, and I felt noticeably more calm, peaceful, and present within my life.

Since then, I have founded The Nourished & Free Collective, which is now a global community of essential oil users and self-healers who I dedicate most of my time to. It is my goal that every member of our community feels seen, supported, and loved. 

What Our Members Are Saying

“Being a member of The Nourished & Free Collective means being part of a group with like minded people who want to care for themselves in a more natural way. This group is a place where I feel I can share personal details and get help on any health issue I might have!”
“Since being a member of The Nourished & Free Collective, I am more in tune with my body – physically, mentally and emotionally – than I ever thought possible. It means being surrounded by a community of like minded people who encourage and support each other!”
“The Nourished & Free Collective is connection, community, support, inspiration, self love, self care, getting to know myself, being in tune with the needs of my mind, body and soul, education, providing me with the tools I can share with my loved ones. Thank you, Meg, for creating this space and I’m appreciative of all members that are a part of this beautiful community!”



Ready to become a member of The Nourished & Free Collective? There are three recommended options:

Custom Order

  • $35 USD membership fee includes 1 year membership
  • Create your order by choosing from our essential oils and products at 25% off

Popular Bundles

$105 - 570USD
  • Choose from our popular bundles ranging from $105 – $570 USD
  • Includes 1 year membership + selected essential oils and products

Meg's Pick

  • Meg’s favourite bundle: The Healthy Habits Kit + 1 year membership
  • Includes essential oils, soothing rub, and supplements

Schedule an Essential Oil Discovery Call

Decide on which membership option is best suited for you with my help! I offer 30-minute consultations to answer your questions and help you set up your membership with confidence