I feel like I just said something naughty.

Yes, I have a goal for 2019.

Honestly, I have no issues with setting goals. As long as they’re coming from a place of loving, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them.

I feel like the new thing this year has been about setting “intentions”. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but once 2019 hit, my Instagram feed was filled with Instagrammers slamming new year resolutions and goals, but praising “intentions”. To me, intentions is just a more gentle word for a goal or resolution. That’s just how I feel, though.

Anyhow, I do have a goal for 2019 and I’m not ashamed to say it or share it with all of you!

My goal for 2019 is to read 12 books, one every month! Minimum.

To be honest, I’ve never done this before. Ever.

I’ve always wanted to, but it’s just never happened. Maybe because I just had the thought to do it, but never actually made it a real goal for myself. Only time will tell, but I’m doing pretty good already! It’s January 20th and I’ve already read one book (and I only started reading it on the evening of the 17th!) I must admit, I am pretty proud of myself!

I should be more clear, though. I don’t just want to read any kind of books this year. I’m focusing on fiction in particular. I am choosing to do this because I’m over self development books.

There. I said it. And I feel like all of my entrepreneur friends have their jaws resting on their keyboards by now.

Hey, I’m Meg! I believe in setting goals for the new year and I don’t like self development books.


But let’s get back to the self development books for a minute before I share my three favourite fiction books with you.

I believe we live in a world where we are constantly trying to change ourselves and make ourselves “better”. We do this through dieting, exercising, and even the books we read.

I was chatting with a woman who I consider to be one of my mentors back in 2018 and we were have a conversation about exactly this – self development books and the thoughts and feelings we shared that day have stuck with me ever since.

We talked about how self development books can be great, but they can also keep people in this cycle of feeling as though they aren’t good enough and like they have to go outside of themselves for answers. These people may buy self development book after self development book and be in this constant cycle of thinking that the next book they read will provide them with “the answer” they’ve needed all along.

Trust me, I’ve read more self development books than I can count, so I’m definitely not slamming them here, but I guess what I’m saying is, I need a change. And I think a lot of other people could use a good change, too.

Instead of looking outside of ourselves for the answers (for an example, in self development books), what if we looked within?

Try it. Trust me. You actually hold everything you need already. You just need to turn inward.

So, it’s not that I’m against self development. It’s actually a daily practice of mine. I’m developing myself all of the time and the mindset is one of my most favourite things to explore, but I just rather not read self development books. In 2019, when I read, I want to be whisked away. And that’s exactly why I’ll be focusing on fiction books this year! I am so excited!

Like I said, I’ve already read one book so far and I absolutely fell in love with it, so I thought I would share my top three fiction books with you just in case you wanted to join me on this goal for 2019!

My Three Favourite Fiction Books

1. The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

This is the book I just finished reading and I couldn’t put it down, but when I actually had to put it down so I could do other things than sit on my couch and read this book, I was constantly thinking about this book! Honestly, I was so wrapped up in it and I was so sad to finish. It was one of those books that you wished just kept going and going. It was that good.

If you are a lover of love, like myself, you’ll fall in love with this book just as I did. I highly recommend and I think it’ll forever be one of my most favourites!

2. All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

I read this book while in Barbados back in 2017. I think it took me two days to read because it was so good. This was the first “thriller” type of book I had ever read, but I was completely hooked and after I finished reading it, I wanted everyone else around me to read it, too, so we could talk about how good it was. LOL. Maybe I should be part of a book club? Or maybe you can read it and then we can talk about it together! It’s been almost two years since I’ve read it last, so I could probably read it again and not remember exactly what’s about to happen, right?

Anyways, this book is amazing and I’m not even being biased because her name is Megan.

3. Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner

This was another book that I gobbled up while lying on the beach in Barbados. I usually read a few books while I’m there, but the two I am sharing with you in this post are total winners!

This is another love story, so if that’s your thing, you’ll love this! It was one of those books that stuck with me for weeks after I was done reading it. I just kept thinking about it – I couldn’t stop. I think I should go back and read this one for a second time, too. So good. Please go read it.

If you follow me on Instagram, I have started a “Books” story highlight, which you can access on the front page of my account. I will be reviewing all of the books I read and sharing the reviews with you there, so if you want to keep up with my book reading adventures this year, head over there and join me!

I’d love to hear from you – what are your favourite fiction books? Do you have any goals for 2019? Are you going to join me in reading one book per month this year?