A little back story: 

Throughout the entire span of my life so far, my relationship with chocolate has been an interesting one…

First, I was allergic to it, breaking out in hives and swelling up if I were to have even the slightest amount.

Then, I outgrew my allergy, just as my doctor assumed I would, and I could all of a sudden eat chocolate. However, since growing up without eating it, I didn’t develop a liking for it, so only ate it on a rare occasion as it wasn’t something I craved.

Then, as I battled eating disorders, I developed a fear toward chocolate and went many years without having it at all.

Now, I am a self proclaimed chocolate connoisseur and buy myself new chocolate bars on a regular basis. One of my favourite things to do whenever I travel is to buy myself a new bar of dark chocolate that I’ve never seen before and enjoy every morsel of it (and try my best to not share with anyone else!)

While in Salt Lake City, Utah a few weeks ago, I came across this dark chocolate bar while grabbing lunch at Harmon’s one day. Although it was over $8 for a single bar of dark chocolate, I couldn’t resist treating myself to this Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate bar made of brown butter, nibs, and sea salt. I hadn’t seen anything like it before, so I grabbed it for myself and waited until I was back in Canada to try it.

My thoughts: 

This is easily the best chocolate bar I’ve ever tasted! Although it is only 73% dark chocolate (I usually prefer something at least 85% or higher), it isn’t as sweet as I expected it to be, which is a good thing in my opinion. Having said that, if you like a sweeter chocolate, I am sure you will like this, too. You don’t need to like really dark chocolate to love this bar!

The chocolate itself is delicious and the nibs add such a nice crunch to it, as well! After taking my first bite, I picked up on flavours that reminded me of hard caramel candies that I loved as a child.

I also always appreciate when a bar of dark chocolate has some crunchy sea salt added to it, too, so that’s even more of a reason as to why I love this chocolate bar so much!

Additionally, the packaging of this chocolate is beautiful as it’s wrapped in a gold wrapper and the chocolate itself has a beautiful design on it, as well, rather than just plain old boring squares (if you care about that sort of thing! I know for me, personally, I appreciate pretty designs and packaging!)

Lastly, this chocolate is handcrafted in California, so it made me happy to know I was supporting a small business!

Would I recommend this bar to a chocolate loving friend?

Yes! I actually texted several of my friends from Salt Lake City, Utah and told them to go to Harmon’s and buy themselves a bar!

Would I buy this bar for myself again? 

Yes! I am so happy that I decided to treat myself to this chocolate bar that’s a little more expensive than what I usually spend on chocolate, but it was so worth it and I majorly regret not buying more than a single bar!

Can you purchase this bar online? 

Actually, yes! So, that’s great news for me (and you!) You can read more about this chocolate bar and purchase it here.

I would love to hear from you! Have you ever tried this chocolate bar before!? What is your favourite chocolate bar!? This one is definitely mine!