I’ve had the idea for this post for a while now, but today seems like the perfect time to hit “publish” and share it with you.

Due to COVID-19, many gyms, yoga studios, and fitness centres are closing, but this doesn’t mean you can’t do any of these things in the comfort of your own home.

I personally do yoga at home every single day by following a video on YouTube from one of my favourite online yoga teachers.

There are truly so many resources right at our fingertips to make the best out of the time we are in right now – and that goes far beyond resources for working out at home.

I know emotions are high right now, so I will be leading an online essential oils class this month all about how to use essential oils for emotional health. You can join me by registering for the class here. This class will take place at 8:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday March, 25th. I will be sending out more details closer to the date, so be sure to register if you’d like to join us (PS this is a free class!)

My 3 Favourite Yoga YouTubers

Yoga By Candace

I first came across Candace in 2014 and now, here we are, six years later and I am still doing her online YouTube classes.

I am personally very picky when it comes to yoga instructors. Their voice has to be just right for me to really enjoy the class and there’s something about Candace’s voice that I just love. In fact, I have many of her sequences memorized by now (since I do them so often), but I still play the video with sound on because her voice is just so soothing!

You can find Candace’s YouTube channel here: Yoga By Candace

Below is my favourite hip opening sequence that I do pretty much every single morning because it’s so good and I have a difficult time trying out anything else because I love it so much.

Tri-Yoga with Katie

Katie is my long time friend (we met through blogging many years ago) and she recently began offering yoga classes on YouTube. Katie is also a Nourished & Free Leader and contributes monthly online yoga classes to Nourished & Free School.

I love doing Katie’s classes and she actually created a morning yoga sequence just for me! I love doing yoga in the mornings, so she made the video shared below in response to my request!

You can find Katie’s YouTube channel here: Tri-Yoga with Katie

Yogini Melbourne

Last, but not least, is Paula from Yogini Melbourne. I came across her YouTube channel not that long ago and instantly fell in love with her style and the types of classes she offers.

I’ve tried several of her classes and would recommend them all, but the one I’ve shared with you below is specifically for anxiety, which is an emotion so much of the world is feeling right now. If this speaks to you, I highly recommend trying this 10 minute class of hers.

You can find Paula’s YouTube channel here: Yogini Melbourne

I hope you enjoy these three incredible women and what they have to offer as much as I do.