We are the Leaders of The Nourished & Free Collective.

Our mission is to reconnect you to the wisdom of nature and the brilliance of your body, so you can self heal and experience the freedom you long for.

Meg Doll
Meg DollYorkton, SK, Canada
Founder of The Nourished & Free Collective, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Spiritual Coach, Enneagram 4, and fur mama
Sophie Démoré
Sophie DémoréChelmsford, ON, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Registered Health and Exercise Practitioner, Enneagram 3, and Reflector HD
Jennifer Tu
Jennifer TuHalifax, NS, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, mama of 2, Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and Access Bars Practitioner
Kim Derkach
Kim DerkachSaskatoon, SK, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Registered Nurse, Educator, Reiki Master, Certified Medical Intuitive, mental health advocate, nature enthusiast, and fur mama
Tayler Hourtovenko
Tayler HourtovenkoSudbury, ON, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Certified Coach Practitioner, Nursing student, mental health advocate, Enneagram 3, and fur mama
Katie Martin
Katie MartinYorkton, SK, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, mom to two beautiful, kind girls, Administration Assistant, future Aromatherapist, and Enneagram 6
Jadi Engels
Jadi EngelsMarina Del Ray, CA, USA
Nourished & Free Leader, Certified Health Coach, RYT, Human Design Reader, and Host of The Empowered Practice Podcast
Holly Thompson
Holly ThompsonSaskatoon, SK, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Certified Oracle/Angel Card Reader Teacher, Spiritual Awakening Mentor, and fur mama
Liz Lopez
Liz LopezIndio, CA, USA
Nourished & Free Leader, Future Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Accountant, Enneagram 2, empath, and fur mommy
Tabitha Michel
Tabitha MichelFort McMurray, AB, Canada
Nourished and Free Leader, Warehouse Technician in the gas and oil sector, Mama of two beautiful boys & two gorgeous cats!
Constance Rainville
Constance RainvilleAzilda, ON, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Registered Dental Hygienist, Enneagram 6, and outdoor enthusiast
Kristen Thompson
Kristen ThompsonLos Angeles, CA, USA
Nourished & Free Leader, Contracts Manager in the aerospace and defense industry, bookworm, and Enneagram 2
Emily Morello
Emily MorelloCharlotte, NC, USA
Nourished & Free Leader, Sales Engineer, Holistic Health Coach by IIN, Enneagram 1, and founder of Honest Living LLC
Olivia Franklin
Olivia FranklinMarietta, GA, USA
Nourished & Free Leader, Mama, Artist, Enneagram 5, ISTJ, and cat lady
Blaze Bell
Blaze BellAnchorage, AK, USA
Nourished and Free Leader, Singer & DJ, Certified Health Coach, Rockstar Mom, Enneagram 7, INFJ, and Generator
Katie Arnold
Katie ArnoldGrand Rapids, MI, USA
Nourished and Free Leader, Registered Yoga and Meditation Instructor, founder of the Healing Heart Method, Enneagram 4, INFJ, and Manifesting Generator
Samantha Lamarche
Samantha LamarcheChelmsford, ON, Canada
Nourished and Free Leader, Certified Dental Assistant, Dental Hygiene student, Enneagram 3, and dog mom
Joanne Murphy
Joanne MurphyLondon, ON, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, owner of Spring Ahead Wellness, full-time Marketing Professional, Enneagram 9, proud daughter, mom of three amazing 20-somethings, and Coco’s BFF
Amy Kapeller
Amy KapellerTisdale, SK, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Holistic Wellness Coach, founder of Unbridled Holistic Health, Yoga Teacher, animal lover, and self love advocate
Amy Vincent
Amy VincentSudbury, ON, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, Future Radiation Therapist, Enneagram 2, and proud plant mom
Emily Baker
Emily BakerMississauga, ON, Canada
Nourished & Free Leader, lover of all things coffee, anxious and doing my best, Enneagram 2, fur mom, and wifey
Sara Bradley
Sara BradleyTurner Falls, MA, USA
Nourished & Free Leader, founder of Wholisticology, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Exercise Physiologist, and you’ll catch me with dark chocolate in one hand and nut butter in the other
Nicole Sims
Nicole SimsPerth, Australia

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Provide your clients with the tools they need to take leadership of their own life.

With doTERRA essential oils and natural healthcare products, we lead our clients back home to themselves by empowering them with the tools, education, and resources they need to heal and care for themselves, just as nature intended. Our team impacts lives across the world and continues to grow and inspire others to take ownership of their health.

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