I know. “All The Textures Breakfast Cereal Yogurt Bowl” is a long ass name for a breakfast recipe that’s not even a recipe, but there’s a lot of ingredients in this bowl and a lot of textures, so let’s just go with it.

Not gonna lie, I also needed something that was good for SEO and I just didn’t think anyone would be searching “All The Textures Breakfast Bowl”, but I do know people search for cereal and yogurt bowl recipes.

So, let’s chat about this breakfast bowl with all the textures:

I’ve been hooked on yogurt bowls lately. I usually do a creamy, grass fed, plain yogurt, some of my favourite gluten free cereal, and berries (usually raspberries from our garden, but blueberries are another favourite of mine!)

Then, I ran out of my usual yogurt and only had a very thick, plain Greek yogurt on hand, which is when this recipe I’m sharing with you today was invented.

I don’t know about you, but I love a bowl full of textures and that’s exactly what this breakfast bowl is all about. Here’s what’s in it:

Thick, plain Greek yogurt

Crunchy, big-flake, gluten free cereal

Sweet berries

Crunchy seeds

Cold, creamy nut milk

I’ve ate this combo two days in a row and will be going to the store to buy more Greek yogurt and cereal today so I can continue making it. It is so good.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried pouring nut milk over your yogurt bowl before, but it’s so magical. Think: thick, creamy yogurt at the bottom of your bowl getting mixed with cool, refreshing nut milk with every spoonful. It’s a combo I don’t want you to miss out on – especially when crunchy cereal and sweet berries are also involved!

If you try this recipe (or any of the others I have shared with you here), take a picture, post it to Instagram, and TAG ME @iammegdoll, so I can see what you’re making! I love connecting with you over on IG!

“All The Textures” Breakfast Cereal Yogurt Bowl


1 cup of your favourite Greek yogurt

1 cup (or more!) of your favourite crunchy cereal (granola would work here, too!)

1 cup of your favourite berries (I’ve been using blueberries)

1 tbsp pumpkin seeds

1 tbsp hemp seeds

Your favourite unsweetened nut milk (I personally use cashew)


  1. To your bowl, add the Greek yogurt, then top with cereal, berries, and seeds.
  2. Pour milk over to cover and enjoy!