Last year exactly around this time, I shared my recipe for my “best ever brisket rub”. One year later, I still think this dry rub is the best ever and we dry rub all of our briskets with it.

Yesterday, we smoked a brisket on our Traeger in celebration of Father’s Day and it turned out perfectly – by far the best brisket we’ve ever made! Then I thought, I really owe you, my readers, a full recipe for brisket, rather than just the recipe for the dry rub I use. Because how can you use the rub without a brisket recipe!? Am I right!?

So, today I am here to share the recipe we use for smoking our brisket on our Traeger grill. We use the low and slow method as this results in the juiciest and most tender brisket in the end. So, it is kind of an all day process. However, it’s totally worth it because, if you’re like me, you think brisket is one of the most delicious things in the entire world. I would say next to my top three favourite foods – eggs, salmon, and avocado – brisket is right up there, too. I especially love to eat the leftovers along side my eggs the next day for breakfast!

I hope you enjoy this recipe along with my best ever brisket rub recipe! It’s coming to you at a perfect time – just in time for all of the summer celebrations coming up! Make this for Canada Day, July 4th, or any special occasion this summer! If my birthday wasn’t so close to Father’s Day, I know I would have requested brisket for my birthday, too!

The Best Ever Smoked Brisket
Recipe Type: Entree
The best method and spice blend for smoking a brisket
  • 1 4 lb. beef brisket
  • 1 recipe of my Best Ever Brisket Rub
  1. The night before smoking your brisket, rub it down with the Best Ever Brisket Rub. I used about 1/2 of the recipe for a 4 lb. brisket. Massage the spices into the meat and allow it to marinade in the dry rub overnight in an airtight container in the fridge.
  2. The next day, remove your brisket from the airtight container and season it with more rub, ensuring that all of the fat and flesh is covered in the rub.
  3. Smoke the brisket fat side up at 225 degrees for approximately 6 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 190 degrees.
  4. Remove brisket from smoker when fully cooked and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes before serving.