Have you been wanting to welcome essential oils into your home, but waiting for the perfect time?

BOGO week is a special time of year where my customers can Buy One, Get One FREE!

A new BOGO deal will be announced every day from November 16th – 20th and I am so excited to show you how to better care for yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically.

New here?

If you’re not yet a customer, you will want to create a personal doTERRA account to purchase the BOGO deals at wholesale pricing (25% off)

You can do this by either choosing from one of our Popular Bundles or purchasing the Wholesale Membership ($42 CAD/$35 USD)

Note: all of our done-for-you bundles have our oils and products bundled together at a discounted price + waive the membership fee, so I recommend beginning with one of our popular bundles, such as The Simple Solutions Kit.


Follow these 3 Simple Steps:

1. Click here to begin setting up your personal doTERRA account. Select your country from the dropdown menu.

2. Choose from our Popular Bundles or select “Individual Products” to create a custom order.

Note: All Popular Bundles have the $42 CAD/$35 USD membership fee waived.

I suggest starting with the Simple Solutions Kit, then adding the BOGO to your cart at 25% off! Simply type the name of the oil into the cart search box, add it, then the free oil will automatically appear!

3. Finalize your order info and process – it will be delivered straight to you!


Connection: Once you follow the steps above and place your first order through me, I will send you a welcome email with all of the resources you have access to as a member of The Nourished & Free Collective (click here to read more about The Nourished & Free Collective). You will also receive a special love package from me in the mail!

Support: Now that you have pure essential oils in your home, I want to show you how to put them to work! You and I will set up a 30-minute consultation to go over your health concerns and goals + create a customized plan just for you using my expertise in holistic healthcare.

Community: When you purchase essential oils through me, you also become a member of The Nourished & Free Collective, which is my global online health and wellness space for freedom-seekers and change-makers all over the world. You will be able to connect with hundreds of like-minded men and women who are also on a mission to take care of themselves in a better way. 

Healing: One of the reasons I am so passionate about essential oils is because they can offer us mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial healing – and I cannot wait for you to experience how they are about to impact your own life. 

Already a member?

If you’re already a customer, the best way for you to purchase the daily BOGO deals is through the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

When you purchase through LRP, you will receive points back for your order + 100% back in shipping for free product!

Simply log into your doTERRA account, create a new LRP template, add the daily BOGO, and the free oil will automatically appear! Proceed to check out and process your order. You can purchase up to 5 BOGOs each day per account.



Email me by clicking the button below if you’d like extra support with your enrolment or have additional questions about BOGOs. I’d be happy to help!