Loving yourself is possible.

Inside my coaching program, Back Home To You, I will guide you through the exact steps you need to take in order to feel mentally and emotionally strong, unquestionably confident in who you are, free from deep-rooted limiting beliefs, supported through your self-healing journey, and an undeniable love for your self you’ve never experienced before.

You will feel fully supported as I guide you through my Self Love Framework and my 3-Phase Self-Healing Approach in 12 weeks.

Back Home To You

Learn how to navigate your mind, completely upgrade your mental and emotional health, and finally experience body peace, inner freedom, and an unbreakable love for your self in 12 weeks… all without changing your body or the way you eat. True healing starts within.


imagine if…

  • You felt “in control” of your mind and emotions
  • You were able to speak and think compassionately towards yourself… without feeling like a fake
  • You were able to go days, weeks, months, years without having “bad body image days”
  • You were able to experience freedom from the negative, unhealthy, and destructive thought patterns that play over and over in your head like a broken record
  • You were able to tap into and trust your intuition when moving through your day and making decisions (in order words, imagine if self-doubt was no longer a thing…)
  • You were able to enter a room with undeniable confidence because you are so proud to be you 
  • You were equipped with the exact tools you need that have nothing to do with food or changing your body in order to feel comfortable with who you are
  • You were able to feel at home and at peace in your body right now
  • You were able to experience a whole new level of self-love you’ve never experienced before
  • You were part of a supportive, safe group that held the highest vision for you and your healing

This is just a short list of what the students inside Back Home To You experience after 12 weeks of working with me.



Psssst… spots are limited as this is a one-on-one coaching program.

What My Clients Are Saying…

“This course does exactly what it promises in its name: it brings you back home to yourself. With Meg’s loving support you will uncover the true you, experience what it means to break free from past misunderstandings, beliefs, and conditionings. The tools and techniques you’ll learn are so simple and digestible, yet absolutely powerful. Everything you need to know to befriend your true you is in this program. You will feel loved and supported with every step you take. You will get in touch with beautiful souls who are on the same journey as you. Warm intimacy of small group of women who are self-growth oriented is unique. You will fall in love with your coaching calls and the conversations. The knowledge you receive from this course will serve you in all areas of your life, including physical and emotional health, relationships, career, and spirituality. If you are doing steps towards self-healing this program will add last missing tools to get you to your full recovery. This course did it for me! For years I was struggling with hormonal imbalances, depression and disordered eating patterns, my health was declining and serious diagnoses kept adding to the list. I am now restoring my health, connecting with my inner power, feeling happy in my body and looking forward to my amazing future full of joy and peace. Back Home To You provided me with the knowledge to begin to experience this. I feel endlessly grateful to my coach, Meg Doll!” – Ksenia

“Working with Meg is like a lovely journey to yourself with your wise magic best friend. I’m so happy I invested on myself and that I can now be with myself, be safe with myself, no matter what. Love you Meg!” – Adela

“I was once lost and confused as to who I was and I felt like a vessel and all hope and dreams gone. But since BHTY and Meg being the most amazing, loving coach I can say I have grown as a woman into the person I am suppose to be! I am free, I am whole, I am complete, I am living in my alignment. I didn’t know that is what I have been missing my whole life. Meg was able to help me find where all this conditioning began. I have felt true happiness and found my alignment! I am so blessed to have Meg as my coach and I just want to say THANK YOU for helping me find me !” – Mary

“Meg gave me the permission I needed to take myself and finally give my body and my soul what I have really needed in order to heal. She showed me through her own example that it was possible to well, to feel free and to be happy; then she guided me through the steps it took to get there. I am so so grateful.” – Sylvie

“This program has been instrumental to my mental health. As someone who struggles with Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety I was not sure how much help this program could do for me. I recently had a trip to a Mental Health Urgent Care and had been put on mood stabilizers – so I had high doubts. However, I decided to join because I knew that it would not hurt to give it a try. I am so grateful that I decided to join! Meg’s nurturing personality, guided meditations, gentle advice, and tools were more than I expected. I cried after each guided meditation. Each session was just as effective (sometimes even more) as a session with my therapist. There were times when I didn’t want to do the Soul Work, however, that is when I knew it was because it entailed something deep that I needed to work on. I was skeptical at first but pleasantly proven wrong. Meg truly poured her heart into this program and has something really special here. I am so thankful to her. I truly believe that I would not be in a more positive state-of-mind if it weren’t for this program. This program has launched my journey to self-love! Thank you Meg! XOXO” – Liz

“Healing with Meg helped me to let go of rules I had once told myself. Because a lot of my trauma had come from childhood, Meg showed me how to kindly re-parent that inner child. For over two decades I had struggled with body dysmorphia and binge eating disorder. Thankfully, I can say I have let go of my rules around food restrictions and am embracing all the parts of my body that I felt didn’t ‘societally’ fit. I never knew what it was like to love the body I was born with and I am lost for words on how to explain this amazing feeling. It actually makes me quite emotional. Meg has been there for me for all my emotional support. I don’t think I went a session without tears –> good tears. She helped me developed positive self-talk and I literally have never felt SO free eating whole foods I once kept myself from… like a FRUIT. I spent so much of my life binge eating as if there was no tomorrow, to the point where I would be sick. Today I can say that I haven’t binged in three plus months. I enjoy eating all foods guilt free, which I never thought was possible. Meg made me feel comfortable. She made me feel like I was being heard. She has the ability to offer empathy because she understands from her own experience and healing. The healing that came with all of this was emotionally tough but worth it. She helped me uncover some unhealthy thought processes that I followed and told myself. She helped me unlearn, relearn, and REPARENT my thoughts and that inner child of mine. Thank you Meg for all the hard, kind, genuine, and compassionate work that you do.” – Richele

“This program has changed the quality of my life and given me hope for recovery from years of self-hate, self-abuse, and eating disorders. The program is very thorough, yet simple enough not to overwhelm. I can use the tools Meg provided me with for the rest of my life for continual growth. The love to be discovered through this program and a lifetime of working with these tools is so much more fulfilling than any addiction, and I have always been the first to resist love, so that’s saying a lot coming from me. I have been through treatment and therapy for 10 years and this class was as good or better than the entire 10 years of recovery I have had. I didn’t know the self-love piece was so important, if not the key to recovery. Thank you Meg for your heartfelt work and contribution to so many lives. I hope other’s will have the opportunity to take this course and feel the hope that comes from it!” – Aimee

“This program was the final step I needed to take to truly start my journey of finding AND loving myself. Starting the program I truly didn’t know what I was going to get out of the course but I wanted to give it a chance as I felt something was missing and was craving joy more than ever. Going through the program, calls, and soul work each week I started experiencing huge changes, I found myself grounded more throughout the days, feeling more joy, and I was beginning to tap into some spiritual parts of me that I had no idea existed. As the course went on, it became harder and more personal and I had to work through some really tough feelings/ emotions that would come up, but having the support of other girls going through similar events was really helpful. The group concept was nice as I was able to talk through many obstacles with others who I knew understood. The tools/concepts from this course will be tools I will use everyday and I can always come back to when I need them. After completing the course, I feel as though I have fallen in love with MYSELF, and I am becoming more aware of what I truly need each day to be fulfilled.” – Amy

“I had such an amazing experience in this program! The small, intimate nature of the group really allowed me to feel safe opening up, and I learned so much from listening to the other women and how Meg would coach them through things as well. I would always look forward to our Wednesday night calls. There is SO much packed into each week! I feel like once things in my mindset began to shift, the changes were exponential, and things are still growing and shifting in a positive direction. Meg has such a beautiful heart and is an amazing coach. She was always there to answer my questions and I always felt so supported and cared for. I am so grateful to her and this program, and even myself for choosing this path–which is something I never would have even thought of before!” – Jordan




Hey! I’m Meg, your self-love & recovery coach.

I created Back Home To You because this is the exact program I needed years ago when I was caught up in the self-hate cycle, trying to “fix myself” by eating less food and working out as much as possible, and feeling completely out of control mentally and emotionally.

Let’s just say my body felt like anything but home.

Instead, I spent most of my time feeling:

  • RULED by my thoughts and emotions
  • TRAPPED by rules around food and exercise
  • OVERWHELMED with thoughts about food and my body
  • CONFUSED because I wanted to love myself, but nothing was working
  • LOST because I spent so many years following rules and unrealistic standards that I completely fell out of touch with my intuition
  • ADDICTED to food, exercise, and so many other unhealthy behaviours that led me further and further away from who I truly was
  • BROKEN because I felt like I had tried everything, yet I still struggled with food, body image, and my mental health

Then, one day, I found myself standing over a kitchen food scale, weighing my spinach leaves, and decided I no longer wanted to live my life that way – I was done feeling trapped, broken, and using food as a way to “fix” myself.

From that day on, I embarked on what I now call my self-love journey.

I began to heal from the inside out – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I discovered what it truly looked like and meant to love myself, did the inner-work to release my deep-rooted misunderstandings that were keeping me in this vicious cycle, and finally experienced the inner freedom I had been chasing after for years.



Inside Back Home To You, we follow my 3-Phase Self-Healing Approach as we move through the 12 weeks.


You will learn how to observe your inner world and how to navigate your mind, without feeling like you have to “control” your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


Deeply-rooted beliefs, misunderstandings, and experiences you hold onto from the past will keep you stuck in the vicious cycle you feel trapped in. Together, we will reprogram these beliefs, misunderstandings, and experiences so you can break free and experience a new way of living.


You will learn how to nurture and truly take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually for lasting, life-long results.


Inside Back Home To You, you will be guided through my Self-Love Framework and be provided with Soul Work each week to support you in each of these areas.

SELF AWARENESS: Observing and gaining a deep understanding of your inner world, thoughts, and emotions.

SELF COMPASSION: Reprogramming your inner dialogue, how you think, respond, and react to certain situations and triggers.

SELF ACCEPTANCE: Reparenting and being with the parts of yourself that you have been rejecting, so you can fully embrace your true, authentic self and live unapologetically. 

SELF FORGIVENESS: Releasing old beliefs, misunderstandings, and attachment to past experiences so you can successfully reprogram and cultivate a new, loving relationship with your self. 

SELF CARE: Understanding what it truly means to care for and reparent your self using foundational practices, effective boundary setting, and discovering joy to experience lasting mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. 


12 COACHING CALLS: These coaching calls happen every week throughout the program and are our time to connect face-to-face, dive into the weekly lesson, celebrate wins from the previous weeks, receive personal support, guidance, and healing practices for what you’re working through, and a guided mediation at the end of each session. 

SOUL WORK: You will receive Soul Work (AKA homework for the soul) every week after each session to support you through the weekly lesson. All Soul Work is accompanied with a downloadable worksheet and found on our online portal. 

GUIDED MEDITATIONS: There is a guided meditation and or embodiment practice that goes along with each lesson. These audio recordings are accessible through the online portal. 

SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY: Between our weekly coaching calls, we will keep in touch via our Slack channel. You can reach out to me at any time and will be fully supported throughout this entire program. I am committed to being your biggest cheerleader throughout this journey. 

LIFETIME ACCESS: All of my Back Home To You clients receive lifetime access to the modules, audio lessons, meditations, and soul work included throughout the program as well as any updates made in the future. 

HOME FOREVER MEMBERSHIP: All Back Home To You graduates have the option to continue their journey inside Home Forever, our online membership exclusive to Back Home To You graduates. This membership option includes monthly coaching calls, a community forum, and an online portal housing meditations, soul assignments, recipes, and DIY courses. New content is created and released to subscribers monthly. 

BONUS MODULES: In addition to my lessons, you will have access to bonus modules to gain a better understanding of your self so you can deepen the acceptance, compassion, and love you have for your self.

These bonus modules include:

  • Using Your Moon Sign for Inner Child Healing with Astrologer, Rux
  • Human Design for Self Acceptance with Human Design Coach, Jadi Engels
  • Enneagram for Self Acceptance with Enneagram Coach, Gina Gomez

This is for you if…

✔ You’re ready to experience better mental health and feel in control of your thoughts 

✔ You’re ready to free yourself from overwhelming emotions and feel emotionally resilient 

✔ You want to learn how to truly love yourself in a way that has nothing to do with the size or shape of your body, the food you eat, or any other external factor

✔ You want to experience true health through self-healing practices because you believe in the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual health

✔ You’re ready to say your final good-bye’s to your deeply-rooted issues with food and body image, so you can experience a new way of living and a level of self-love you didn’t even know was possible

✔ You feel lost on your self-love or self-healing journey and are looking for support and tools to change your life

✔ You want to feel at home in your body

✔ You can’t remember the last time you truly made yourself a priority, and you’re ready to make a change

✔ You’re ready to invest in yourself because you’ve spent years searching for the answers, but are ready to end the search and dive deep within your self instead



In this free discovery call, you and I will virtually meet and decide if this program is the right fit for you.