If you’ve ever struggled with wrapping your head around the idea of eating more, you’ll want to tune into this week’s episode with Paige Knapp! Paige is an Intuitive Eating Coach, specializing in gut health, and also a NASM personal trainer. In today’s episode, Paige and I talk about increasing calories and why it’s detrimental to eat low calorie, how increasing calories can impact digestion, and ways we’ve supported ourselves through body image issues.

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You can hear me on Paige’s podcast where she interviews me through the following link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6SVLh4RTE8Us2JpKEgjMF2?si=nQf-cQidRnKwLRuwhXveNA&dl_branch=1 or by searching “Paige Talks Wellness Podcast” and tune into episode 11.

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