In this episode, I am joined by my go-to girl for all things Human Design, Jadi Engels. Jadi is one of my business partners and a leader within The Nourished & Free Collective and I welcomed her onto the show this week to educate us on how we can best embrace our Human Design type within our business and career path. In this episode, Jadi also educates us on some common conditionings for each energy type and how they can present themselves within our careers, holding us back from living in true alignment with who we are here to be.

If you'd like to learn more about Human Design, you can learn from Jadi inside her free FB group: Human Design with Jadi

In episode 95, Jadi does a Human Design reading for me (listen to get an idea of how impactful a reading can be!)

Other ways to connect with Jadi:

Instagram: @jadiengels


Podcast: Empowered Practice

If you're brand new to Human Design, I highly recommend a reading with Jadi for clarity. She will help you understand your complicated Human Design chart and provide you with an extensive document for you to read on your own time all about your personal Human Design.

To view your chart, I recommend using either Genetic Matrix or My Body Graph

Note: You must know your exact time of birth for an accurate Human Design chart and reading.