In this week's episode, we're continuing the Human Design conversation with one of my favourite people, Jadi Engels. Jadi has joined me on the podcast a few times before, but we've never spoke about Human Design… until today! Jadi has been dedicating much of her time to studying Human Design and now offers chart readings to those who want to learn about their personal Human Design chart. Since having mine read by Jadi a couple of weeks ago, I received so many questions about what happens in a Human Design chart reading, so I thought it would be fun to record my Human Design chart being read by Jadi! In this episode, Jadi and I go over my entire Human Design chart in detail and there are so many “ah ha” moments for me. If you know me, you'll definitely see how I am living in alignment in many areas of my life, but I also share the areas I'm holding onto conditioning, which I will be covering with another Human Design expert in a future podcast episode!

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Note: Jadi is offering readings for $88 for the rest of January 2020!

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