In this episode, I answer all of YOUR questions about my how to get your period back and my personal journey of overcoming hypothalamic amenorrhea. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode yet, you may want to do that first so you’re caught up to speed! In this episode, I continue the conversation and answer the following questions you sent in:

Questions I answered in this episode:

What made you commit to going all in?

How long did it take to get your period back?

Why did it take so long for my period to come back?

What time periods were the most difficult?

Did you deal with GI issues while healing?

Did I have to gain weight? Do you still need to gain weight if you’re at a healthy weight?

Tips for bloating?

Did you eat when you weren’t hungry? I am underweight and eating when not hungry. This feels so wrong.

Did you have to quit exercise? What if I’m stressed about not working out? What if I love running?

If you had to pick one first key step to recovery, what would it be?

When did you stop increasing your cals?

Health improvements beyond getting period back? Did your sleep improve?

Did you know your period was coming back? Did you have signs?

How did you start having a good relationship with food?

What did you eat and did you always eat when you were hungry?

Besides eating more, did you do anything else nutritionally?

What supplements did you take?

What was the #1 most influential thing about recovery?

Things to help with recovery?

Is it possible to have HA and not know it because you’re on birth control?

Did you ever have blood work done?