Have you ever wondered about manifestation? I mean, everyone talks about manifesting, but have you ever wondered how to actually do it and what it actually looks like? Well, Shawn Mynar joins me on the show this week to talk all about manifestation. As many of you know, Shawn and I had a podcast together 2014 – 2018 and experienced a lot of life together, as well. Shawn went through a great deal of health struggles while we had our podcast together, but, as she shares in today’s episode, she would not be where she is today (the healthiest she’s ever been) if it weren’t for the mindset work she committed to doing (and this involves manifestation!)

You are going to love this episode and learn so much from Shawn!

You can also follow Shawn on Instagram at @shawnmynar, her website shawnmynar.com, or listen to her on her podcast Keto For Women.