Something you may not know about me:

In 2011, I started blogging!

Blogging and I go way back and some of you may even know me from those good ol’ blogging days.

I’ve always been a writer and it’s always something that’s been an outlet for me. Writing is just one of those things that makes me feel good. Which is why I know I will be an author of a book some day.

Until then, I think I want to “bring blogging back”.

One of my best friends, Christina Rice, and I were chatting about this when I was in San Diego visiting her this past March.

We were talking about how no one reads blog posts like they used to anymore. Back in 2011, I would write a blog post “just because” and people would actually read it. Now, it’s a little bit different. Blogging just isn’t like how it used to be, but Christina and I were playing around with the idea of “bringing blogging back” (BBB for short) and I’m into it.

So, here’s my first just-because blog post for you: 27 Reflections on Being 27

Just this past Thursday (June 20th), I turned 28. I know, I know… 28!? How did that even happen!?

I’m grateful to be experiencing 28 as I acknowledge so many beautiful souls don’t even get the chance to, but I will miss 27. 27 was definitely my most favourite year so far, so I thought I would share 27 reflections on this past year with you:

1. My dream of working with Jessica Flanigan came true.

After interviewing Jessica for an episode of my podcast, I found out she was offering a course for practitioners who wanted to expand their practice and become Certified Spiritual Coaches. Little did she know, I had been wanting to work with her for the past several years, so I immediately enrolled in her 6 month Spiritual Coaching course and became a Certified Spiritual Coach in February 2019.

2. I fell in love with Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Part of the 6 month Spiritual Coaching course I mentioned above included a weekend workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is one of Jessica’s favourite places. I didn’t know anything about New Mexico, so had no idea what I was in for, but I definitely didn’t anticipate it changing my life like it did. I fell in love with that city and would go back in a heart beat. Although I absolutely loved my weekend with Jessica and the other girls in the course, one of my favourite memories of my trip to Santa Fe is wandering the streets by myself after all the other girls had left, treating myself to a dinner out at an apothecary, and shopping at all of the cute shops downtown. Oh, I also spent 3 hours in Whole Foods and ate my bodyweight in samples of cheese while I was there, too. That definitely did not suck.

3. I forgave myself for shit I didn’t even know I was holding on to.

We all hold onto beliefs. And many of these beliefs aren’t even conscious. Many of them are stored deep within us, so we don’t even realize we are holding onto certain beliefs after so many years of suppressing them. The Spiritual Coaching course I took with Jessica allowed me to peel back layers, meditate, go deep within myself, and forgive myself for beliefs I was holding onto without even realizing it. I let go of a lot of things that were blocking me from moving forward with my life and it was one of the most transformational things I have ever done. I learnt to forgive and place loving into those pockets of my life instead.

4. I got my first tattoo.

Ever since my grandpa passed away in 2007, I always knew my first tattoo would be in memory of him. As a vata-dominant person and as someone will three air signs for my sun, moon, and rising signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius respectively), I am filled with ideas and my ideas are always changing. So, having said that, it has taken me over 10 years to actually decide on what my first tattoo would be of. One day, it just hit me though and it felt right within all cells of my body. I got a local tattoo artist to design a tattoo of a woman’s hand (mine) and a male’s hand (my dad’s) holding pinky fingers, which is how we always used to hold hands while I was growing up. Beneath our hands, I got the hymn: “be not afraid, I go before you always”, which is a hymn from one of the songs sand at my grandpa’s funeral, which also happens to be my mom’s favourite church song to sing. So, in the end, my first tattoo is in memory of my grandpa, but also includes bits of my mom and dad, too, which I love.

5. I took a 10 hour road trip to Salt Lake City, Utah from Rancho Cucamonga, California with one of my best friends. 

Every year, I fly to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend doTERRA’s annual Convention, but this year I drove from California to Utah with one of my best friends, instead. 10 hours in a vehicle with another person is a long time, especially when it’s someone you’ve never met in “real life before”, but it was one of the best memories of my year of being 27. We talked about everything and had deeeep soul chats (my favourite). I will cherish those 20 hours (10 hours there and back) with her forever.

6. I walked across the stage at the doTERRA Convention as a Gold Leader. 

Since Convention 2017, The Nourished & Free Collective grew and I became one of doTERRA’s Gold Leaders, which meant I had the incredibly opportunity of walking the stage at Convention 2018 as a Gold Leader to celebrate my latest achievement. This was a very exciting moment for me and my team, and definitely a high point of my career and past year.

7. I hosted my first Nourished & Free meet up. 

Ever since attending my first Convention in 2016, I had a dream of hosting a Nourished & Free dinner while in Salt Lake City, where a group of us Nourished & Free leaders and members would gather and have dinner together! And it finally happened this past Convention! We had dinner at Laziz and it was a moment I will never forget. I felt like a proud mama bear, getting a bunch of her babes together! Although there weren’t many of us at the dinner, I know they will keep happening every year, but continue to grow in attendance, as well!

8. The Nourished & Free Collective was one of the top growing teams.

In November, I was one of the top enrollers in doTERRA, which means our Nourished & Free Collective was one of the top growing teams within doTERRA. This was a very exciting month for me and all of the women I work with, including both leaders and members. November was a month where I was reminded of what I am capable of when I am in the flow and living in alignment with who I truly am.

9. I started to buy myself things “just because”. 

In other words, I improved my relationship with money. For nearly my entire life, I would only buy myself things if I had a reason to do so, but throughout my year of being 27, I definitely improved my relationship with money (and let go of false beliefs I was holding onto as I mentioned above) and just began buying myself stuff “just because”, rather than “because I earned it”. This was a huge shift I made for myself this year for the better!

10. I focused on my health. 

After years of not getting my period, I knew it was time to make some serious changes and improve my health, specifically hormone health. I opened up about these changes on Instagram and my podcast. These changes mainly included ensuring I was eating more food, even if I wasn’t always hungry for it.

11. I gained 25 – 30 lbs. 

The increase in my food intake (see above) resulted in not only improved health, but also weight gain. Now, I feel more confident in my body than ever before and very grateful for this weight gain. I am heavier than I’ve been in my entire life, but feel healthier than ever, as well. Through this process, I’ve learnt to love myself deeper than ever before.

12. I started to shift my business focus and what I talked about on Instagram. 

My weight gain and health journey, which began in August 2018, really opened my eyes to what I am truly passionate about. I slowly began talking less and less about food and nutrition and began talking and sharing more and more about body image, self acceptance, body positivity and neutrality, self love, and more topics related to spirituality.

13. I got a second tattoo. 

My year of 27 was truly a year of growth, so I got one of my favourite quotes tattooed onto my forearm: “make space for who you are becoming”. Although I love my first tattoo, this is my favourite (but definitely not the last!)

14. Scott and I travelled to my favourite part of Canada together for New Years! 

We spent two weeks in British Columbia with my cousin and his wife to celebrate the New Year and tour around my favourite province in Canada (the boys were also plotting a plan to get Scott and I to move out there!)

15. I watched A Star Is Born at least 10 times. 

I discovered my second favourite movie of all time this year, A Star Is Born and have watched it at least 10 times so far, but probably more, if I am being completely honest. I fell in love with this movie, but also developed a serious crush on Bradley Cooper.

16. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody at least 30 times. 

Speaking of favourite movies, I fell madly in love with the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, this year. It is my all time favourite movie and will very likely always be. Who knew I was such a Queen fan? I swear I grew up listening to Queen in a past life. I’ve watched their performance at Live Aid close to 50 times, I am sure, and I get all the feels when I watch it, so I am sure I was there in a previous life. Who knows… maybe I even knew Freddie Mercury in real life!

17. I fell hard for Rami Malek. 

I know, I know. He’s in a serious relationship with Lucy Boynton, but out of all of the celebrity crushes I’ve ever had, Rami Malek is the most serious of them all. We’re all allowed to have a celebrity crush and Rami Malek will forever be mine (which is just another main reason why I have watched Bohemian Rhapsody over 30 times).

18. I travelled to San Diego for the first time. 

I spent over 2 weeks in San Diego and it was my first time ever going there! I spent a lot of time with Christina, but also attended doTERRA’s Leadership Conference for Silver Leaders and above. It was a magical getaway and something I will never forget. The food was amazing, but the time I spent with friends was even better!

19. I grew friendships. 

I mentioned before that 27 was a year of growth for me, which includes growing my circle of friends, but also growing and deepening the friendships and relationships I’ve had for years. I gained a lot of lifelong friends this year and I am so grateful to have these beautiful souls in my life now and forever.

20. I started reading fiction! 

In January, I began diving into the world of fiction novels! I love reading, but I love reading fiction most! Fiction books sweep me away and transport me to a totally different world. I love it. I have a goal to read 12 books by the end of 2019 and I’ve been doing a good job keeping up with that goal so far, but I still have some work to do! So far, my favourite book has been The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo. I highly recommend it. You can follow me on Goodreads here and keep up to do on all the books I read!

21. I deepened my spirituality. 

In addition to becoming a spiritual coach, I also deepened my spirituality this year. More meditating. More praying. More reiki. More paying attention and aligning myself with the phases of the moon. More essential oils for emotional and spiritual health. More of all of that stuff and it’s been juicy. Super juicy.

22. I started eating grains again. 

After yeeeears of eating grain free, I began adding grains back into my diet. First, I added in oats (and shared a few recipes on the blog with you!) and then added in rice and gluten free bread. It was a great feeling to expand my eats and actually tolerate these foods again without getting digestive issues like I had in the past, but noticed my joints were very inflamed after incorporating grains into my diet more regularly. Now, I enjoy them whenever I really want them, but know I feel my best without them on a regular basis.

23. I changed my Instagram handle.

This is one of the other ways in which growth showed up into my life this year: I changed my Instagram handle from @megtherhn to @iammegdoll. I was over being known as “Meg the RHN”, as I have so much more to offer. My business is expanding and my focus is shifting, broadening. and coming into alignment with who I truly am and who I am truly meant to serve. This change in name felt soooo good and I am proud of myself for doing it!

24. I travelled to Barbados. 

I travelled to Barbados for the seventh(?) time this year. As always, it’s a life-changing getaway and nourishes my soul so deeply. This time, it was just my parents and I, so it was super chill and exactly what I needed.

25. My team and I launched The Nourished & Free Method. 

I had been dreaming up this program since 2016, so it is indescribably exciting to see it actually come to life, but it’s here! My team and I collaborated on a program for all Nourished & Free members, where we guide them through a 30 day course on the five pillars of health (nourishing your body, loving movement, rest and stress management, reducing toxic load, and self care) using essential oils and natural healthcare products. Again, I felt like this super proud mama bear watching all of the Nourished & Free Leaders come together with me and create this incredible program!

26. I coached another group of Unbreakable Babe. 

My small group coaching program, Unbreakable Babe, started again at the beginnings of June and I was lucky enough to work with 4 incredible women who were ready and committed to doing the deep inner work that involves stepping into their personal power and truly loving themselves. I love coaching these small groups of women. It’s an intimate 6 weeks together, but a forever friendship and life-changing journey that I love witnessing women move through.

27. I cried laughed A LOT. 

In addition to thinking of 27 being my year of growth, it was also filled of so much laughter. Like, the kind of laughter that has your mascara streaming down your face. There were so many moments this year that left me holding my tummy in pain and wiping mascara off my cheeks because I was laughing so hard. It goes without saying, there were a lot of happy and joy-filled moments this year.

If you read all of this, thank you. It was fun to reflect and write about this past year.

I am looking forward to 28!

Share something about your past year with me below!