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What’s inside Flowing & Free?

Once you become a Flowing & Free student, you will have instant access to the Flowing & Free course, which includes: 

★ Monthly coaching calls

★ Unlimited texting support

★ Flowing & Free Modules delivered through audio lessons

★ High quality audio Flowing & Free Meditations 

★ Flowing & Free Handouts & Worksheets

★ The online Flowing & Free Community for additional support and community

★ Lifetime access!


Here’s What My Clients Are Saying

“Flowing & Free is such a perfectly chosen name for this program! My whole day is in alignment with it and I feel so much more free than when I started the program. When I just joined I felt stuck and like the complete opposite of flowing & free so it has been a massive mindset shift for me. Flowing & free has become like a mantra to me on hard days because it makes me immediately focus on what is important and what is holding me back.
I don’t think any other coach could have helped me the way you did, Meg. Simply because of who you are as a person. HA is such a personal topic and I couldn’t imagine talking about it so intimately with anyone else. From our first call it felt like we were old friends, and you always made me feel valued and respected without any judgment, which is the single most important quality in a person you can trust!!!

– Xenia

“Meg, you are a God send! I am so grateful for you.”

– Emily

“I feel so happy and healthy in my body. For years I thought I had to fix so many things about myself, but what I really needed was to accept and love so many things about myself.”

– Nicole

“Meg gave me the permission I needed to take myself and finally give my body and my soul what I have really needed in order to heal.”

– Sylvie

“I came to Meg lost. I had tried so many things to get my period back but I was frustrated. I was still in a fixed mindset where I believed I didn’t need to gain much weight (my brain wouldn’t let me go there) . With Meg’s help, not only did I get my period back (after 12+ years) but I have come away with tools to manage the mental chatter, and I now see myself in a completely different way (who knew I didn’t have to be skinny to be happy?!). Meg has been more than I could have ever imagined.”

– Charlotte

“I moved closer to my intuitive self. I trust myself more. I can now experience food freedom and full acceptance of my changing body. I know what I need in the moment to feel and function optimally.”

– Ksenia

“Omg! I just love you Meg! You are such a beautiful soul.”

– Adela

“I am now confident in saying that I am RECOVERED from my eating disorders.”

– Elena

“You helped me dive deeper to find out what was truly effecting me! Thank you so much Meg! Love you girl!”

– Mary

“I feel the most comfortable with myself than I have in a long, long time.”

– Alana


The FAQs

When does the course begin?
You can become a student of Flowing & Free and begin moving through the course material whenever you’re ready.

How long will it take me to complete the course?
Since this is a self paced course, you can take as long as you need to complete it. Although, the course content is dripped out weekly. Upon purchase, you will have instant access to the first module, then receive access to the following modules on a weekly basis until you have completed the course. The course content is dripped out weekly to prevent overwhelm and ensure all students follow the program as it was meant to be delivered. 

How long do I have access to the course?
You have lifetime access to this course, which means you will not only have access to the Flowing & Free course forever, but also any additional bonuses I add to it in the future. You also have lifetime access to the online Flowing & Free Community, which allows you to connect with the other members, as well as the monthly coaching calls. 

When do the group coaching calls take place?
The group coaching calls take place monthly via Zoom. To accommodate different schedules a time zones, the coaching calls will take place on different days and times of the month. Each coaching call will be announced ahead of time in our online community and recorded for those who cannot attend live. 

What is the Flowing & Free Community?
The Flowing & Free Community is a private online community where all members of Flowing & Free will gather together. This allows all Flowing & Free members to connect with each other, become online (and IRL) friends, and support each other throughout recovery! Please note, this is NOT a Facebook Group. This online space has been created on another platform that is easily accessible through your phone or laptop. 

Do you offer refunds?
Because this is an information-based course, refunds will not be provided. 



The Flowing & Free Formula

Module 1: Start Here
Prep work before you start your Flowing & Free journey!

Module 2: HA 101
This module does a deep dive into HA and how to recover.

Module 3: Flowing & Free Mindset
Before jumping right into the obvious recovery bits, you have to get your mindset right and that’s exactly what we accomplish in this module – this is truly what sets this program apart from the rest! 

Module 4: Finding Freedom with Food
Nourishing your body properly is a key piece for recovery and we spend a lot of time talking about food in this course. In this module, we’re focusing on finding freedom with food and relearning a lot about food and how to truly nourish ourselves. 

Module 5: Supporting Your Flow with Food
Food is such an important topic that it’s divided into two different modules! In this module, we are focusing specifically on how to nourish our bodies in order to support healthy hormones and, eventually, a period!

Module 6: Flowing & Free Movement
If you’ve ever wondered how you should be moving your body during recovery, this module dives into all of your fitness and exercise related questions and concerns.

Module 7: Flowing & Free Lifestyle
Getting your period back is about so much more than just food and movement, so it’s important that we spend an entire week learning about other lifestyle factors that will support your recovery.

Module 8: Flowing & Free Body
After years of under fuelling, lack of nourishment, over exercising, and possibly even intentional restriction, your body may change as you begin to nourish well and take proper care of your body. In this module, you will learn about what actually makes a healthy body and how to move through any body changes you may experience throughout recovery.

Module 9: Soul
Finally, we wrap up the course with a very special course that will help you emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually throughout your recovery. This is another module that truly sets this course apart from the rest as it truly encompasses all parts of the self for recovery. 

BONUS Module: Meditation Library
All meditations used throughout the course + more are compiled in this bonus meditation library for you to come back to again and again. 


Why Am I So Passionate About Periods?

Hi, I’m Meg!

Long story short, I went 12 long years without my period.

I was diagnosed with my first eating disorder at 10 years old, relapsed at 15, and that’s when my period went missing. I spent the rest of my teens and most of my 20s without a period, a non-existent sex drive, and extreme digestive issues, among many other things.

In my late 20s, I couldn’t ignore this obvious problem any longer and embarked on my personal hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery journey and nothing has ever been the same since, in the best way possible.

I get my period each month, I ovulate, I have a sex drive, I can enjoy foods I wasn’t able to tolerate for years, and I have a connection with my body I had never experienced until I went through hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery.

Because hypothalamic amenorrhea changed my life in such a big way and I became obsessed with the female body, hormones, and the menstrual cycle throughout the process, I now support women around the world through their own hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery journeys, helping them get their periods back, and teaching them how to truly love themselves like they deserved all along.


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